“But everything exposed by light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible.” Ephesians 5:13-14 (NIV)

Halloween is a pagan holiday! Yes, it is true. Yet because its darkness has been disguised in our consumer society, we have grown to think it is ok! It is not ok! Church, hear this, Halloween is evil and should not be participated in, in any way, form or fashion! Satan is no longer even trying to hide his evil, disgusting, abominations. His wicked fingerprints are now displayed in plain view! Please prayerfully reconsider your involvement in this pagan ritual. PLEASE! You cannot partner with darkness without paying a price! You cannot play with fire and not get burned. If you handle poisonous snakes you’ll ultimately get bit and suffer the consequences! We all are responsible for our participation and/or our silent support! This includes even giving treats away from your house!

Pray for your children to arise as spiritual warriors, knowing who they are in Christ. Please don’t shy away from talking about the evil side of Halloween with your children and why we shouldn’t take part in it. This is not to instill fear but to build faith and courage as they are “overwhelmingly victorious” in Christ (Romans 8:37). Pray for parents to be bold enough to be willing to be different and not participate even if everyone else is doing it or because they always have! Pray that children across our city would safe and clothed in the light of Christ this weekend. Pray that every diabolical plan would be exposed and brought into the light!