Behold, You delight in truth in the inward being, and You teach me wisdom in the secret heart.” Psalm 51:6 (ESV)

The god of the air (Ephesians 2:2), Satan uses the airwaves to carry his lies and narrative to the masses. The enemy is so afraid of the truth getting out that there has been intentional effort to censor and control the narrative! But there is no stopping the truth. The truth is coming and it will be shocking! There will be a rude awakening before the coming great awakening arrives!

Decades ago the CIA began a program called Operation Mockingbird. Please dig into it. Btw, so much of what has been called conspiracy theory has proven to be true! This program was a coordinated effort to manipulate the media and control what ‘we-the-people’ are fed. Over time the media has spewed a lying narrative that became normalized and accepted. This has been empowered by darkness and high-level evil spirits. This demonic program was all about attempting to hypnotize, brain wash, and deceive the masses. And to a huge degree they have been successful. Now, even when truth is clear as day, so many people are unable to accept it. When we hear truth that doesn’t fit the narrative that we have come to believe, we experience a cognitive dissonance, which causes us to deny truth even when there are proofs and we are standing face to face with it! That is way so many still blindly accept what has been spewed about Covid, about the vaccines, about the border, about the elections, and so many other crucial items of our day.

Nevertheless, there is no avoiding the truth storm that is coming. Please pray for those you know who are still asleep, under the spell of the lying narrative. Pray that God would prepare them for the rude awakening that will be crashing upon us. Pray that you are ready to embrace them (and not say “I told you so!”), and help them through their shock and awe, into true awakening. Pray for your pastor and church to shake off all the shackles, strongholds and the residue from the veil that has influenced them in any and every way. Even pray for yourself that any place that you believe something that is not true would be exposed and the cognitive dissonance be replaced with God’s peace and freedom. Ask God to grant you truth in your innermost being!