And he dreamed, and behold, there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven. And behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it!” Genesis 28:12 (ESV)

The occult world is all excited about 2.22.2022. They believe a portal will be opened. There was recently a large gathering of Satanists in Arizona, as well as many other places. They have all their witches, warlocks and other Satanists, doing their wicked curses and sacrifices. They believe they are on the verge of the new world order, of ascending Jacob’s ladder into self-perfection. They believe the new world order will be established by March 22, 2022. So, from 2.22.2022 to 3.22.2022 we are going to be involved in some intense warfare!

Yes, portals are real and this portal has a potentially evil outcome. But understand this, God knows! God is not surprised by this moment. We live in a time when portals are opening and are being closed! Though Satan can’t create portals, he can hijack them! Yet every time the enemy attempts to make a move, God literally gains territory. When the nations overwhelmingly attacked Israel in the 1960s, they sought to annihilate the Jewish nation. God showed up, and supernaturally won. Israel not only defeated their foes, but they gained land! Any time the enemy makes a major attempt to gain territory it is also an opportunity for the kingdom of God to advance. That’s what is about to happen!

God is going to do it again, but He will do it through us! In fact, just as the devil needs people to serve him and attempt to bring about his end, God needs people to do His work on the earth. Though God longs for every person to be saved, only those who chose to surrender to him and be born again are saved. People have a choice, who are we going to serve. If we don’t serve God by default we become open game to the devil and his cohorts.

Totally commit yourself to Jesus Christ as Lord. Surrender your life, your family to Him! Ask the Holy Spirit to show you any places that are vulnerable to the enemy. Boldly proclaim, that the devil is not bringing in the new world order. Bind up these evil plans. Ask the Holy Spirit how you are to be praying throughout this next month! Proclaim in Jesus name that you loosen the kingdom of God in the place of the evil plans! Proclaim an open heaven over our nation, over our city, over your neighborhood and your house. Proclaim that revival has come, America will be saved and 1 billion souls across the globe will come to know Jesus Christ!