“Therefore, when Jesus knew that they were about to come and take Him by force to make Him king, He withdrew again to the mountain by Himself.” John 6:15 (HCSB)

So many believe a great strategy to use in getting people into church and ultimately a relationship with Jesus is find a need and meet it! That sounds so biblical and compassionate! But what is it really doing? When Jesus fed the masses (John 6), the result was they wanted to make Him King so He would meet all their physical needs. It didn’t work then, it still doesn’t! The problem is, in our consumer-oriented culture, meeting a need is often only the first step in meeting another ‘felt need’ then another and another! But the real need is salvation, and discipleship, ultimately dying to self (and our sense of needs) and following Christ no matter what, daily! These real needs are not ‘felt needs!’ Btw, I am not saying we shouldn’t feed the poor and help the needy. What I am saying is, do that as an expression of love not as a replacement of sharing the full gospel. And be careful not to simply enforce any since of entitlement that runs wild in our culture. Don’t build your church around meeting a need. The church exists to raise up disciples who walk in holiness and will go into the world to make more disciples.

Pray for your church to focus on meeting the real needs. The church is not simply a “pantry!” We are meant to be the house of real Bread (John 6:35). Ask the Lord to show your pastor any and every place where he and the leadership of your church are simply fueling the entitlement and re-enforcing the consumer-oriented culture. Ask God to give them creative ways to express the love of Jesus in your community while feeding them the true bread called Jesus Christ!