“These men who have turned the world upside down have come here too” Acts 17:6 (HCSB)

As “The Chosen” says, get used to different! The status quo does not influence culture. It requires those willing to challenge the norm to be positioned for revival. Affirming sin never leads to revival, but confessing it does! Being different makes the enemy nervous. Just because a church service is packed doesn’t mean that God is pleased with it. Unless people are being fed the full truth, the Holy Spirit is welcome and the people there are surrendering to the One who’s name is above all names, the devil just sees it as another crowd. Choose to be different! Choose to be all in, to seek Him until you find Him! To listen to Him and follow Him wherever He leads, radically obeying Him no matter what. It is those who are willing to listen to and follow Him who will turn our city upside down. Don’t just fit in, please choose to stand out, to be different, like Jesus!

Ask God for a grace to stand up and out for Him! Ask Him to make you someone who turns their world upside down for His glory and name! Ask Him to show you any place where you fear man more than you fear Him. Ask Him for a fresh fire in your church to walk in absolute obedience to all He says, and to follow Him wherever He leads. Pray for your pastor to be willing to wholeheartedly seek the Lord, and to obey Him no matter what! Pray that God would raise up a people who would turn our city upside down for Him!