“Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32 (NIV)

It is so funny how FB will “fact check” the items they “independently and unbiasedly” have researched. Of course, these “fake checkers” are simply part of the censorship/propaganda mechanism itself. But I do want to say, they provide great advertisement as well as confirmation. Almost universally, if they are proclaiming “false information” it is absolutely true! Like Pinocchio’s nose, they don’t realize that the more they say something is false, the more their lie becomes evident, pointing people to the truth. So, are there people out there who actually believe FB is unbiased and their fact checking accurate? We need to pray that this deception, delusion and fog is broken and those under its spell would be set free. Cry out for God to remove this veil over the nations, so that His truth would be made known.

I am amazed at how many intelligent people do not want to know the facts that are different from what they believe! Join me in praying the God’s freedom setting truth would be released powerfully across our city and nation! Pray for eyes to see, and ears to hear what is true. Pray that the truth would get out to everyone across our nation and beyond. Pray that truly unbiased, uncensored social media platforms would rise up and that folks would be willing to move from the propaganda mechanism of the state to these new formats.