But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible” Ephesians 3:13 (ESV)

The globalists 2030 plan is being forced into action ahead of its time! Two days after the tragic Maui fire a book was released on it including interviews and research into the fires. It’s called “Fire and Fury” and is available from Amazon for $18.99 for paperback (or read for free on kindle). The author Dr Miles Stones is most likely fictional and actually AI written. Come on, two days to write and publish? No way! Propaganda! The hidden war has gone public. This was most likely a DEW caused event that has racketed the war to a new level! The elites want this land for themselves. Of course, all the mainstream media is calling this conspiracy theory, but please look behind the curtain! Tellingly, Biden just gave 115 billion to Ukraine but only allocated 1.9 million to Lahaina, which is $700 per household. Yet he said “We’re laser focused on getting aid to the survivors.” Really, and “laser focused!” He’s right, it was laser focused!

Please, PLEASE pray! Ask God to grant you eyes to see what the enemy is doing AND what the Father is doing, AND what you can do about it! Things are definitely heating up!!! Pray that people would wake up to the war we are in! Pray for your pastor and church to see it and stand in this hour instead of going down in history as fighting for the wrong side!