“Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.” Isaiah 42:9 (ESV)

In this hour, the Lord is revealing who really are on His side. Sin and compromise, holding on to “old things” are being exposed at all levels, both in the church and in the world! The question is, will you be a former, a reformer, or deformer!

As the cycles go, the previous move of God often become the greatest persecutor, or critic of the new move of God. The new thing that God is doing is usually resisted by those who have experienced it before. They expect it to look a certain way. They forget that what they experienced was new for its day! They are usually very rigid and critical, and operate from a clear dogma, knowing how God works. But those who remain flexible to the new thing are able to see it and welcome it as it springs up. Formers can become reformers if that keep hungry for more of God and open to Him moving however He wants to.

Sadly, formers who don’t become reformers, easily morph into deformers who no longer truly reflect God, but they don’t even realize it. They blindly press forward believing they are right and are on God’s side. They are gripped in deception because of their rigidity. That is what religion does!

Amos 3:7 tells us that God will share what He is doing or about to do with His friends and servants, the prophets. Today, prophetic voices are proclaiming the new move of God is coming, in fact it is here! Which will you be, a former, a reformer or a deformer?

Thank the Lord for revealing His heart and plans to prophetic people. Ask Him for the grace to receive and believe the new thing that He is doing right now and is about to do. Ask Him for boldness and faith to step into His new thing, wholeheartedly, even if it is costly. Sometimes our friends are the greatest hindrances of our moving on with God. I once believed that speaking in tongues was of the devil because that’s what the community I was a part of taught! Cry out for your pastor and church to be able to grasp the new thing and not resist it. Cry out that the former garments of yesterday would fall off your church stirring a hunger for the new and for more of God. Ask God for your church to be a reformer of the new thing that God is doing in our city.