“In the morning when the men of the town got up, there was Baal’s altar, demolished…” Judges 6:28a (NIV)

Though not necessarily an altar to Baal, the Georgia Guidestones were considered America’s Stonehenge. Located near the South Carolina border, some 110 miles from Atlanta, and 35 from Athens. Literally away from everything!

A couple weeks ago it was taken out by a person bombing it, or more likely a lightning strike! The crazy thing was the speed it was demolished. There was no time for investigation. There was minimal taping off the area and/or sifting through for any evidence. Instead it was quickly torn down and destroyed as if someone wanted to cover something up. The monument was 19 feet high, with multiple stone blocks each weighing around 42,000 pounds.

The stones had the 10 priorities of the new world order engraved on it, in eight different languages. One of priorities that was inscribed on it was to depopulate the earth to 500 million, and maintain it at that level. This is not a conspiracy theory, but actual globalist strategy, and it was engraved on these stones! As I understand it, this was a very high occultist location in Georgia. Rumors have it that there are underground passages on the site. And it has been demolished!

Anyway, please be praying that every high place, every altar to satan, every occultic center would be exposed and then removed after the truth is known! Pray that God would reveal these places in our city (yes, they exist). Pray that God’s presence would continue to increase, and with it, darkness decreasing and compressing to where it is wanted, welcomed and allowed (for now). Proclaim the Kingdom of God is here in Athens, and that Jesus Christ is the King on the throne! Proclaim His way, His will be done in our city, state and nation! Thank Him for what He is doing right now!!!