“The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is majestic.” Psalm 29:4 (NLT)

This past weekend our Georgia Bulldawgs crushed the number 8 ranked Arkansas Razorbacks 37 to 0. One of the factors was the home game at Sanford Stadium, filled to capacity with 92,000+ cheering fans, mostly for UGA. It was so loud that it disrupted the opponent’s offense. Registering at 110 decibels, it was a deafening roar! That is equivalent to a jackhammer. Some friends who were at the game said at times it actually hurt and they had to cover their ears.

Though God is moving in our land right now, He is wanting our participation. One thing we can do is roar. That is, raise our volume in our praise, prayers and worship. We should come out of our gatherings a little hoarse! When Joshua was finishing up the final lap around Jericho, he and his troops let out a mighty roar and the walls came down. By the way, that was God’s instruction. He didn’t need them to do that but He chooses to allow us to be a part of what He does on the earth!

When Gideon’s 300 surrounded the huge enemy contingent, they broke their clay jars revealing the flame, shouted and sounded the horn. It was loud, and the result was the enemy went into confusion and slew themselves!

Ask God to grant you the grace to increase your volume. Ask Him to allow your life to shout out, as well as your words, prayers and worship! Do not be ashamed of being loud for Him. The enemy has been trying to silence our voices, but it’s time to let out the roar. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with a might roar. Ask the Lord to stir your pastor to be bolder, louder and more full of the Spirit of God in worship, in preaching and in living. Cry out for God to increase the volume of the Lion’s roar in our city through His people! Let’s get loud and disrupt the enemy’s plan!