May the LORD, my rock, be praised, who trains my hands for battle and my fingers for warfare.” Psalm 144:1 (HCSB)

The physical, natural world often reveals what’s going on in the spiritual, supernatural realm. God reveals what is invisible and unseen through what is visible and seen. Otherwise we would have no understanding or knowledge of the unseen realm! If that is true, then there are a lot of things to take notice of our day!

Christ followers are intended to be warriors for Him! But for some reason so many believe it is ok not to enlist in His army. That’s kind of like saying, I want to be a Christian but not act like one. To be a Christ follower means you have enlisted in His army. When you surrendered your life to Jesus, He became your Master, Lord, King and Owner. Though you may have been in the reserves, that is changing. He is now calling up His troops! It is no longer acceptable or safe to be a summer time or weekend warrior. It is time to be all in. Be aware, just our training will painful!

Right now, we are in boot camp. And it is not comfortable. It is intense, and many want it to end. But we must finish all that God knows we need to be ready for what’s coming. The challenges and testing that we are going through are all a context to prepare us for the battles ahead of us. Boot camp is not like summer camp, though many of us would prefer it to be. Boot camp pushes us to our limits to get more out of us. Most of us do not naturally push ourselves to our absolute limit every day. Yet our Heavenly Sergeant knows exactly what we need to be ready for the battle. And we desperately need to be trained for this battle. It is for our children, for our nation, for our King and His bride!

It’s time for civilians to enlist. This is not an hour to pretend life is normal, or will somehow just go back to the way things were. There is no going back. The world we are stepping into depends on us, on you! A side must be chosen. You cannot remain neutral, or unengaged. In the past we had a slogan in the US that said “Uncle Sam needs you!” Today, Jesus is enlisting His choice men, women and children! Will you be one of them?

God is raising up a Prayer Force (as Andrew Whalen calls it). Will you be a part of it? This Prayer Force will storm the very gates of hell and win (Matthew 16:18). God is looking for men and women who will say yes to Him no matter what He says. Will you be one of them? Will you take up spiritual arms, and learn to effectively pray in this hour? Intercessors actually have the highest office in the land, as we have direct access to the Most High! We must learn to be more effective in it. And this access means we also get to enjoy greater intimacy with Him, our true Commander in Chief!

Tell the Lord that you want to enlist in His army, that you willingly surrender yourself to Him as a living sacrifice! Tell Him that you surrender and submit to the Holy Spirit’s work of training your fingers for battle and hands for war in this hour. Tell Him that you give Him permission to push you to your limit and beyond, that you trust Him to know what is best.