“Since all these things are on the verge of being dismantled, don’t you see how vital it is to live a holy life? We must be consumed with godliness while we anticipate and help to speed up the coming of the day of God, when the atmosphere will be set on fire and the heavenly bodies consumed in a blaze.” 1 Peter 3:11-12 (TPT)

Those are very intense words! There is a great day of the Lord coming. I don’t necessarily think we are there quite yet. But according to Peter, who was inspired by the Holy Spirit, we can hasten the day, by our being consumed with living a holy life. We are on the verge of a great move, as Jesus comes to His people to prepare us for when Him to comes to get us for the great wedding feast. That day is coming, and is so close, even on the verge.

The word verge is defined as “the edge, rim, or margin of something, the limit or point beyond which something begins or occurs; brink.” And brink is defined as “any extreme edge; verge, a crucial or critical point, especially of a situation or state beyond which success or catastrophe occurs” (Dictionary.com). It’s time to get off the verge, and get on with the day! Instead of crying out for Christ’s return, cry out for Him to give you the grace to live a life of holiness, which will hasten the day!

When we pray, we hasten the day! When we pray, we release God’s heavenly host to move and accomplish what is on His heart (Daniel 9:21). When we pray, God bursts through the verge, and releases heaven on earth. Please pray and hasten the day! Pray that the verge would be removed and that the great Day of harvest would be released in our city, nation and across the globe.