For the LORD is our judge; the LORD is our lawgiver; the LORD is our king; He will save us.” Isaiah 33:22 (ESV)

God is judge! Meaning our courts are going to be transformed. The corruption will be purged from it and righteous judges will fill the vacant chairs.

God is lawgiver! That means our legislation will be overturned just as Jesus turned over tables. Every illegal bill, executive order and system that has been put in place will be wiped away.

God is king! That means He will settle things with His church that currently looks more like the world than Him. As King of the world, nothing is impossible for Him. His church will come back into alignment with Him and look more like Him than it does of the world. And God will save our nation!!! Yes, God will save the United States of America!

Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for being judge, lawgiver and King! Ask Him to realign every area in your life around these truth about who He is. Thank Him for what He is doing and about to do in our nation that will rock the world! Declare by faith, America will be saved!