“Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Luke 18:16 (ESV)

If you haven’t seen the Sound of Freedom, ask yourself, “WHY?” Are you afraid it may stir something in you that you can’t do anything about? Are you concerned that if you hear the truth you will be accountable for it? After all, ignorance is bliss, right? Turning a blind eye does not make you innocent! Come on, there are more children being kidnapped and forced away from their families into a life of bondage and sexual slavery than there ever has been. What if that was your child who was missing?

Sorry if this is an intense post, but we live in an intense, perverted world. If your kids aren’t “taken” by kidnappers, the LGBTQ community says they are coming to get them. And our corrupt government is passing laws that prevent parents from knowing about their children’s gender transitions. School boards are hiding pornography under the guise of curriculum, and/or library books. And to even challenge them parents have been called domestic terrorists. Come on! God’s kids are not for sale anymore! Stand up and fight for them.

And if you haven’t seen Sound of Freedom, PLEASE do while you still can. I have heard of theaters cancelling it, having technical problems, having air conditioning issues, having the sound in the adjacent theater way too loud while the sound was turned way low where SOF was showing. There have been ticketing problems with people being assigned the same seats. Even here in Athens, when we went to Beechwood there was no signs outside, and we were told it was down the hall in Theater 10, but to find it we had to turn corners, while going down unmarked and dark hallways.

Please pray for our children! The enemy wants them defiled, confused, broken and/or dead! He definitely does not want them to step into their destiny! Pray that God would release a grace upon His people to fight back against this gross darkness that is aggressively coming after our children (Isaiah 60:2). Pray for your pastor and church to rise up, pray fervently and fight on behalf of those kids being taken, even locally. Btw, Atlanta is a sex trafficking hub! Pray that God would expose and destroy the sex trafficking networks. Pray for all the kids being rescued, for healing from trauma and physical harm, for godly families to adopt those who cannot be placed back in their own family, and for reconnection with their own families where possible. Pray for the grieving parents who have lost their children… may God give them a double portion of grace! Pray for our schools to come under the fear of God and no longer tolerate pornography in the classroom, and for those who resist, ask God to remove them from their position (as teacher, principal, school board member, commissioner or mayor). Cry out for mercy upon our children, asking God to rise them up, and anoint them to fulfill their purpose in this generation!!!