But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15b (ESV)

We’re in a great revolutionary war! In 1776 our nation declared independence. God’s hand was on the patriots as they faced the English war machine. Without God, the outcome would have been totally different. But God was on their side as they prayed and appealed to heaven!

I have heard that in the first revolutionary war there may have only been some 3% of the colonists involved. But pastors led the way. Many would preach on Sunday, then lead the fight, with muskets and all, against the English. They were called the black robe regiment! We need the black robe regiment to arise once again today! Yes, today we are in another revolutionary war! And we need God to do it again. Please appeal to heaven! God will respond and our nation will once again step back into our destiny. Not where we were, but more in line with where God wants us to be. This is an hour where we must choose which side we are truly on!

Tell God that you choose to stand on His side and not the side of darkness. Pray, asking the Holy Spirit to show you how to appeal to heaven in this very hour of conflict. Ask God to stir and show you how you are to fight this battle in your sphere. Ask Him to teach you how to use your spiritual weaponry more effectively! Ask Him for boldness to fall upon your pastor as well as the brothers & sisters in your church, to stand up, speak up and fight for what is good, true and right in this hour.