“… overwhelming victory is ours through Christ…” Romans 8:37 (NLT)

On Friday, June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court made a historic ruling on abortion. With a 6 to 3 voice, they basically said the Federal government cannot legislate on abortion. It is unconstitutional to do so. Praise God!!!

The ramifications are huge! It is now on each State to determine if abortion will be permitted or not. This outcome opens up a lot of other possible rulings as well. The reality is, this has set in place a correction that has been going the wrong way for almost 50 years, and allowing millions of innocent lives to be murdered in the womb. This is a huge victory. And again, I say, praise the Lord!

Nevertheless, the fight is not over. In fact, it is going to intensify and very likely get ugly. The left and those who support murder are not going to let it go away, at least not yet! As we’ve seen in the past their protests are destructive and riotous. Last night I had a dream and a ‘brother’ was concerned that I felt heavy at such a time as this! Yes, I am solemn, I am alert, and sober minded! The enemy will not simply give up the blood of innocent children. As in days of old, the same spirit behind Baal sacrifices is operating today. We must stand vigilant in prayer! Yes, let’s praise and thank Him for the great victory. But let’s keep pressing in for complete victory. As we were just reminded with the celebration of Juneteenth last Sunday, it took 2 1/2 years to get the enforcement of the abolition of slavery recognized across our nation. Likewise, in WW2, though D-Day represents the day the war was won, some of the fiercest and bloodiest battles came afterwards before the war was ended. We must remain diligent, praying and speaking the truth in love!

Today there are protests going on across our nation, including our city! Praise God for the First Amendment that allows freedom of speech! Let’s pray for peace over these protests, declaring they will not become violent!

Pray for the Supreme Court justices; for their safety (as well as their families), for wisdom, and courage to continue to stand for the constitution.

Pray for your pastor and church to not be silent about this victory or the continuing battle. Tomorrow’s services should not be silent about this!

Pray that the murderous spirit behind abortion would be completely torn down, bound up and kicked out of our nation. Pray that every scheme of the enemy to retaliate would be exposed and extinguished. Pray that every alternative means to kill innocent lives would be revealed and removed!

Pray for the individual States to respond according to the word of the Lord. Pray specifically that our State of Georgia would see abortion completely removed.

Pray for the ramifications of more babies being born, and for a more streamlined and efficient adoption process. Pray that churches will lead the way. Pray for reforms in government processes and agencies. Pray for your church to take an even greater role in adoptions and fostering children in the days ahead!

Pray that the Lord would show you the role you’re to play in the continuing battle as dominoes begin to fall, rapidly!

Thanks for praying! It does and has made a huge difference! Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus!!!