For as he thinks within himself, so he is.” Proverbs 23:7a (NASB)

As I prayer walked the halls of Athens Church before the first of three Christmas Eve services, I was wearing my dark forest green pullover hoodie sweater. I was greeted by three staff. Expressing how much they loved my gray sweater. I was adamant that it was green! Anyway, I conveyed that fact to several others I saw that morning. Later I mentioned to Shellie that I was so surprised that folks thought my sweater was gray. Then she told me it is. Strange thing was, suddenly I could actually see it was gray!!! It may not even have any tone of green in it, at all, zero! My eyes were opened!

There is a spiritual principle in this. Though I totally believed my sweater was green, saw it as such and adamantly proclaimed that truth, I was wrong. We can truly believe something and be wrong. Just because I believed it was green, it never ceased being gray! We live in an hour of great revealing, of a pulling back of the veil, and suddenly we will see where we have been deceived for many decades. I know many who still resist seeing the gray sweater in our nation/world. For many, there is a rude awakening coming before the great awakening!

Btw, it took the person closest to me to speak the truth before I could finally see it! We are the carriers, the proclaimers and the revealers of truth in this hour! Do not underestimate the power of your words!

Ask the Lord to open your eyes to any and every place you’ve been blind, and obviously unaware of it. Ask Him to reveal truth at every level in your life and the world around you, and for the grace to embrace what is true, while rejecting what has been shown to be false. Ask Him to show you how to help others see what they can’t see at this moment. Pray that as others begin to see, that God would release a great grace for them to respond positively toward Him and not reject Him out of shame or condemnation. Pray for a wave of repentance to accompany the revelation of truth. And pray for the eyes of your pastor to be opened to see truth at every level in his life and world and the grace to respond to it where he hasn’t yet!