A nice name on a horrible bill! The Equality Act has nothing to do with equality! Bottom line is it will strip our Christian freedom. 

And it is not far-fetched possibility, it is a now issue! Just yesterday (Thursday) it passed the House of Representatives. Much of this post was gleaned from the FlashPoint, Thursday (February 25). Please prayerfully read the following thoughts.

Four things to understand about this bill…

1/ It endangers the church

Churches and Christian organizations won’t be able to hire someone based on their beliefs. Cannot segregate bathrooms in churches.

2/ It suppresses religious freedom

Religious freedom act will be reversed – meaning your beliefs don’t matter and will no longer hold up in court.

3/ It will obliterate women’s rights

Gender identity being removed. Even radical feminists are opposing it, feeling it will abolish females. Any biological man at any time can go into women bathrooms just because he “feels” like a female. It will allow men to compete against women in sports.

4/ It’s going to affect our kids

HR5 will force doctors to give kids transgender drugs and procedures without parents involved at all, just by the child asking (not teenagers, but 11 year-olds).

Threatens all Americans their fundamental freedoms. The Church is the only thing that is keeping this government from doing whatever they want! Sounds like 2 Thessalonians. Churches will be dragged into court for not pleasing the leftist agenda. 

This morally undermines America! This is a battle for the moral awakening in our nation! But what will the church do?

What can you do…

1/ Watch and then share the FlashPoint episode – https://www.facebook.com/TheVictoryChannel/videos/271946200974618/

2/ Check out Firstliberty.org

3/ Pray for and contact your US Senators at 202-204-3121. Tell them you are not in favor of this and why. 

4/ Pray for your pastor to have boldness and wisdom to speak about this from the pulpit.

The Church needs to wake up to this attack against the morality as expressed in the Bible. Progressive evangelicals, please think about your daughters needing to share their bathroom with perverted men who “profess” in the moment they feel like a female. Come on! Think of your daughters having to compete in sports against boys. 

Mario Marillo said, “What a legacy! John Kennedy put a man on the moon and Joe Biden wants to put a man in the women’s bathroom!” Please stand up, speak up and fight for the moral standard of our nation!!!