“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain!” Psalm 127:1 (NIV)

I have discovered that the best way to be successful is to find what God is doing and joining Him in it! So, do you want to be successful? Find out what God is doing and get involved with Him in it. This is the day where God is building and establishing His places of prayer! From prayer rooms, prayer gardens, prayer mountains and houses of prayer, God is establishing these places where He can meet in intimate ways with His kids, with His bride, with His ekklesia! You can see them popping up all over the globe.

We are a part of something huge, something so much bigger than what we’re doing in here in our city! We’re a involved in something way bigger than ourselves! God has a global blueprint and His invitation is going out far and wide. He is building His house of prayer with living stones consisting of His remnant people who are being awakened to seek Him wholeheartedly. These living stones are being assembled as a holy dwelling for God! These stones are being purified like liquid glass, cemented together through our unity in the Spirit. These involve many local churches coming together to worship and pray!

Isaiah talked about a house of prayer being established that would be characterized by joy and for the nations (Isaiah 56:7). Micah talked about the mountain of the Lord’s temple being established and people would stream into it (Micah 4:1). Amos prophesied of a day where David’s tent would be rebuilt (Amos 9:11). It was King David who established day and night worship around the Ark of the Covenant, in a tent that became known as the Tabernacle of David. He assigned some 288 skilled musicians to keep the fire of worship going, nonstop (1 Chronicles 25 and 16:1-6) for decades. We live in the hour where God is re-establishing His tent of worship, His house of prayer.

And as David said, God inhabits the spontaneous, heart-felt praise of His saints (Psalm 22:3). Meaning, God is looking to inhabit our world through His worshiping people. It is His desire that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord cover our cities and nations as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). I believe this glory is beginning to be released in regions where there are houses of prayer.

All that to say, do whatever you can to get involved in a house of prayer near you. If you’re in Athens please join us as God builds this citywide place of prayer and worship. The Athens House of Prayer is a joint effort from many churches in our city. And more churches are coming alongside! Yes today, one of the things God is doing is building His house of prayer! Our labor is not in vain! Come join us!

Please pray for AHOP! As we’ve recently added some new staff to our lead team, pray for our team as we move forward in unity of the Spirit. Ask God to give us wisdom to steward what He is entrusting to us! Pray for favor in our city to reach into more churches, more worship personnel, prayer leaders and especially room managers. Pray that AHOP would be a blessing and a real help to our city. Pray that pastors would not just come but would engage as prayer leaders. Pray for each church already involved, for God’s blessing to pour out on them! And pray that people would continue to come, simply to sit in God’s presence and to give Him the affection and honor that is due Him. We already have people coming from hours away, even out of state, just to be in God’s presence!

For more info on AHOP please check out our website at https://www.athenshouseofprayer.com/