“He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24 (ESV)

Not too long ago I was walking along the beach with Jade, my dog, and my attention was drawn to the footprints in the sand. I quickly recalled the story of the person who gets to heaven and asks God where He was throughout all the difficult times throughout his life (my version). God showed him the single set of prints in the sand and said, “these were the times I was carrying you!”

As I praised God for all the times He carried me, I sensed Him say that He not only carried me in tough times, but pushed me when I slowed down, or pulled me along when I was resisting. There were times when He spoke to me, encouraging me to go forward. He said I have always been with you, and always will! His faithfulness was not connected with how good, obedient or faithful I was. God is faithful, and that’s it! As I walked…

I recalled the time we were led to buy a house with funds we didn’t have, with visas that were soon expiring, without even a down payment. But God is faithful!

I recalled times when I was betrayed, stabbed in the back by those who were supposed to be leading me. But God is faithful!

I recalled returning from Australia after nearly 19 years serving there, totally wrung out like a sponge, wondering if we’d ever minister again! But God is faithful!

I recalled the time I tried to get out of my calling, just getting a job, but couldn’t. But God is faithful!

I recalled a time when we were deeply in debt, not even getting enough in each month to pay the minimum amount on our credit cards, let alone living expenses. But God is faithful!

God is faithful even when we’re not! After all, that is who He is (2 Timothy 2:13)! Wherever you’re at, God has not abandoned you. He is intimately walking with you, sometimes pushing or pulling you along! Tell Him you trust Him. Thank Him for His faithfulness, even beyond what you can understand, feel or see. Ask Him to remind you of times of His faithfulness in your past. As He does, thank Him!