“O Lord, open his eyes so that he may see.” 2 Kings 6:17 (NIV)

In this hour we need discernment, much discernment. We need to see on the earthly realm, through the narratives, through the masquerades, through the sheep clothing, who are the infiltrators, the imposters, the liars. We need discernment where demons are operating, where the word has been diluted, where compromise has entered in to the Church.

And we need to see what is going on in the spiritual realm around us, what the angels are doing and how we are to cooperate with them. We need discernment regarding what the higher-level demons are doing and how to expose, fight and resist them. We need discernment to see what’s really going on in the spiritual atmosphere of our city!

But most importantly, we need to see what’s going on in the heavenly realm, what is happening around the throne of God. What is He saying, doing and feeling at this moment? We need to know His heart so we can join Him! We need to speak His words, His Word, and His will on earth, as it is in heaven! That like Jesus, we do nothing except what we see the Father doing (John 5:19).

Speaking His words

We need to repeat what He is saying right now through declarations, decrees, prophesying, and declaring prophecies that others are hearing. Yes, He is speaking right now, and it needs to echo across the globe.

Speaking His Word

We need to declare what He has already said. The Bible is full of powerful weaponry that is needed to be proclaimed out loud in this hour. He is watching carefully to fulfill His Word (Jeremiah 1:12).

Speaking His will

We need to declare His will, as it is in heaven, on earth. Knowing His heart and desires lead us to declare His will and ways on earth with authority. Judgment of God is pure and holy, and fierce. Agree with Him as He begins to release judgment against His enemies. Declare divine protection for His people, those who love and obey Him.

Do what He’s doing

Each of us have an assignment. In this hour we need to stay focused on what God has given us, and adding only what He adds. There are so many battles going on right now that each of us cannot be involved in it all, or even close. Otherwise, we will be overwhelmed. With war in the Middle East, or terrorists preparing attacks in the US, or uncovering the cabal and the wicked illegit governments, or the economy, or the state of perversion in the church, etc… unless the Lord leads you to join a cause, please stay focused on your assignment and carefully follow His lead into other areas!

Join the heavenly worship

And above all else, join in the heavenly worship as elders, angels and people fall on their faces and declare the Lamb of God is worthy to open the scroll and to receive all the praise, honor and glory that is due His name! If you need a place to do this, come join us at AHOP, specifically on Thursday nights from 6 to 9pm.

Cry out right now that the Holy Spirit would increase your discernment on the earthly, in the spiritual and in the heavenly realms. Ask Him for wisdom to know how to partner with angels on earth. Ask Him for greater grace to fulfill the assignment He has given you. By faith thank Him for giving you all that you need to fulfill all He has called you to in this hour! Ask Him to extend your boundaries, your limits, your capabilities, to increase your stamina, your endurance and perseverance, even your tolerance for pain. May He take you deeper in worship than you’ve ever gone before!!! Ask Him for ears to hear and boldness to speak His Word, His words, and His will. Ask Him for courage to do what He is doing. Praise Him for He is worthy!!!