“Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning on the one she loves?” Song of Songs 8:5a HCSB

This is a season of the revealing of the Bride of Christ. The Bride that Christ is coming for will be manifest. She will be more militant and fierce than most imagine a Bride is to look like. She will be distinguished from the false bride Jezebel. In fact, it will be her voice that silences that woman Jezebel. She will be releasing the voice of her Bridegroom.

As the Bride is arising, Jezebel is getting more blatant. She can be seen in the LGBTQ movement and so much of the church that is embracing her. This spirit is preying on the church. It will be the voice of the Bride that silences Jezebel. The purity of the Bride is her mantle. Her purity will separate her from all others! 

The Bride is coming forth, leaning on her Beloved, praying for the church. The Bride is the remnant church who is doing battle for the rest of the church. There is a release of power and purity upon the Bride right now, and this will have a rippling effect upon the whole body of Christ. Her purity will awaken many.

Cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ that you want to be His Bride! Ask the Father to awaken pure love in you for His Son. Ask the Holy Spirit to take you deeper in purity in every area in your life! Ask Him to cause your life to impact everyone around you with His beauty!


This was inspired from Charlie Shamp on Elijah Streams, September 26, 2023 …