The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.” 1 Chronicles 16:9a (NLT)

One snowing morning Benaiah got out of bed and didn’t know that by the end of that of that day he would chase a lion into a pit and slay it (2 Samuel 23:20). But that’s what heroes do. It is just their life, and they simply respond to the circumstances that arise each day. Heroes are not looking for the moment that they can lay it all on the line, for their life is already surrendered. Their life is not their own (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). On other days Benaiah slew giants and other enemies who were mighty warriors as well. Just another day in the office, so to speak!

Today God is looking for heroes. Men and women, who chose to follow the Him wholeheartedly, no matter the cost. And yes, the cost of being a hero is very high!!! Being a hero looks foolish, can appear weak, is selfless, pure and definitely lonely. Heroes are misunderstood and often go where few dare to tread. And sometimes, it will cost the hero his life, just doing what he does! Heroes simply listen to Jesus’ voice and follow Him wherever He leads (John 10:27).

The road of wholehearted faith is indeed, very narrow. And few walk it. But God invites you to journey on this pathway with Him! Will you say yes to His call, His invitation to come give your life for something greater than yourself, a purpose greater than you can imagine?

Right now, surrender afresh to the LORD. Tell Him you want to be one of His heroes, someone who simply responds on behalf of others, who follow Him wherever He leads. Lay aside your fears, your worries, your anxiety, and with your eyes fixed on Him, ask Him to the grace to pick up your cross and follow Him today! Thank Him for inviting you on this incredible journey, and tell Him you chose to say “yes” to Him no matter what! As today is Father’s Day, please pray for fathers to rise up as heroes for their families, for men to be fighters, warriors and not cowards or compromisers.