“Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. Where is the house you will build for Me? Where will My resting place be?” Isaiah 66:1 (NIV)

In this hour, God is looking for a resting place for His glory. He is looking for people, for households, for churches and for cities to become dwelling places for His glory. He is raising up prophetic voices like Elijah and John the Baptist who are proclaiming “prepare the way for God’s glory!” Will you be one of those voices who cry out in the Spirit for the way to be made ready in our city for God’s glory? Will you prepare yourself, your home, your church and our city for His glory?

Interestingly, we have grown familiar with God’s presence, well, at least a tickle of His presence! We need a new grace of the fear of the Lord! Cry out for the fear of the Lord to be released in your church and across our city and nation! What is coming is unlike anything we have ever experienced. Besides the brightness and splendor, there is a weightiness with the glory of God.

Pray for His resting place to be prepared in our city. Ask God to give us revelation, a taste of what is coming. Pray for leaders and pastors to do whatever it takes to make their house ready for His glory. Pray for more prophetic voices crying out in our city “prepare the way for God’s glory!” Ask God to give you clarity to be such a voice. Ask God to show you how to prepare yourself and your home to be a dwelling place of His glory. Ask Him to show you anything that is offensive or hideous to Him that you have been blind to (Psalm 139:23-24).