“God arises, His enemies scatter, and those who hate Him flee from His presence.”  Psalm 68:1 (HCSB)

Today is the great 2024 eclipse! There is much drama about today. “Monday” itself is known as moon-day, a name that goes back to Babylonian times! And this day, with CERN firing up and attempting to open portals to another dimension, with NASA launching rockets that are named after an ancient Egyptian god into the darkened path of the eclipse, to the path of the eclipse itself crossing many towns named Nineveh, to the axis point where this eclipse crosses the path of the 2017 eclipse known as ‘Little Egypt,’ to ‘devil’s comet’ supposedly being visible during the eclipse, to more…

This definitely causes us to ponder upon what God is doing! Jesus did say there would be signs in the moon, sun and stars (Luke 21:25). The Old Testament prophet Joel talked about the great and terrible day of the Lord being characterized by the sun being turned to darkness and the moon to blood (Joel 2:31). Doesn’t the moon look red during an eclipse?

Oh btw, there is a place called ‘Rapture’ in Indiana near to where this eclipse crosses the path of the 2017 eclipse. However you look at it, today is going to be historic!

As noted in previous posts, things most likely will intensify in April and today could very well mark the beginning of these birth pangs! Please understand this, God wins, and you have been born for such a time as this. Get ready for whatever He has in store for you!!! May your faith arise and His enemies such as fear, anxiety, depression, be scattered!

Please pray that God is seen in this historic day, over all the things the enemy plans. Declare that God arises and His enemies flee from His presence. Declare every door that the enemy intends to open today would be closed in his face. Declare that God wins and you are on His side. Pray for those around you who may be feeling afraid, anxious or depressed today. Ask God to work in your heart, exposing things that are not of Him hiding there (Psalm 139:23-24).

May the whole earth be filled with the knowledge of His glory, today (Habakkuk 2:14).