“Instead, shape your lives to become like the Holy One who called you. For Scripture says: ‘You are to be holy, because I am holy.’” 1 Peter 1:15-16 (TPT)

So these days, who’s defining ‘holiness?’ Too often we look at others to define, but you can’t get the answer by looking horizontally. Somehow, much of the church feels we need to dumb down God’s holiness so people will feel comfortable. After all, His grace is sufficient and He is a God of love. But the reality of it, God calls us to more than this!

By definition ’holy’ is beyond our comprehension, it’s beyond our understanding. Holy isn’t just taking our best and making it infinitely better. God’s definition of holy is… something other! Holy is mysterious. But God is holy and He calls us to be like Him.

What we do with God’s holiness impacts the fear of the Lord in our lives! Is the holy too familiar to you? Where is the fear of the Lord in your life, in your church, in our city and nation? You can’t look at porn and then expect to understand God’s holiness. If you are trying to you have grown calloused to God’s presence! Are you nonchalantly worshiping God? What are you thinking about when you worship the King of Glory?

Do you take time to prepare yourself before entering a house of worship? Are you obeying what you know is His will for you? When was the last time you got on your knees, if ever? When was the last time you fasted, because you were so desperate to know God better?

Bottom line is, if you don’t fear God you will fear man! If you are not pressing into be holy like God is holy, you are missing out on His presence!

Cry out for God to redefine what it means for you to be holy like Him. Beseech God to stir your church to be gripped by God’s holiness, and His call for us to be holy. Pray that there would be a wave of holiness sweeping across our city and nation! Ask God to pour out a whole new level of the fear of God over this nation, starting with you!  Ask God to make you holy like Him!