“Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.” Romans 12:9 (ESV)

Let me just say, I don’t get it! Come on! I know this post may offend you, may cause you to cancel me, etc. but this hour is not the time to be silent. Do with this as you must, but please pray about it before dismissing it and/or simply putting it into the ‘extreme’ category!

There is a real devil, who is spewing real evil in our nation and world! And yet so many ‘Christians’ blindly celebrate his so-called birthday! I know ‘everybody does it!’ But this is an hour for Christ followers not to just do what the world does, even if it is what we’ve always done! The Israelites painted blood on their door posts to keep the death angel out, but many Christians are hanging skulls and other occult things on their doors inviting evil in! Go figure?! Even churches do events in honor of this day, though they would not say it that way! We are commanded to hate evil, not dress up as evil, or celebrate an evil day!

The word Halloween comes from two words. Hallow means to honor something as holy. Jesus said to pray, “Father in Heaven hallowed be Your name…” (Matthew 6:9). Then the word Ween means to be of the opinion, to think it or suppose it. In other words, Halloween means to think it as holy! What a mockery! What blasphemy!

So it literally means to be of the opinion that it is holy! That is what you do when you celebrate it! And guess what, so many Christians join in without even giving the mockery a second thought!

There will be real blood shed on this evil night! Though much of the blood will be from animals, human blood sacrifices will be made. Demons and their human occupants will be very busy. Children will go missing. Remember, the devil comes to kill, steal, destroy, defile and pervert anything and everything he can!

Instead of dressing up our children and sending them out into the ‘darkness’ to seek candy, teach them what it really means, and do something alternatively. Do not fix up you home to invite evil, but instead set it apart as holy unto the Lord! Pray that the light would come into our city and drive away the darkness. Please don’t fuel the darkness! Cry out for God to increase His presence, His heavenly host and release a holy fear over your home and our city. Instead of rousing fear of demons, cry out that the terror of the Lord would fall on all demons and their occupants as the try to engage in their evil schemes! Pray for your neighborhood to be filled with light and true holiness instead of darkness and evil. Pray that your light would not be covered with compromise, but would be amplified through your obedience. Pray for your pastor to speak up about it this Sunday and not just go with the current of this evil culture! Thank God for the truth of He who is in us is greater than he who is in the dark world (1 John 4:4).