“When you pray…” Matthew 6:5

I had the opportunity to be at Nations Church this morning. I could really feel the Spirit in the worship. Pastor Mike spoke with anointing about prayer in a sermon called “Shut the Door Behind You!” He urged the congregation to be a house of prayer, starting individually and then corporately. Unless we establish our private, personal secret place with God (aka prayer closet) we won’t become a corporate house of prayer!

Jesus said “when you pray” not if. You see, personal prayer is not optional! As a follower of Christ, it is absolutely necessary. If you are not going into your prayer closet and closing the door behind you, you are truly missing out! In the prayer closet you not only talk to God, but He talks with you.

At the end of the service Pastor Mike invited folks up to pray and to receive prayer at the altar!!! Don’t miss what God is doing in this hour, one is calling His kids to prayer!

Btw, throughout December Christmas lights will be on at Nations Church. And Light the Night will be going on Friday December 3, 10, and Saturday 11, from 6 to 9pm. Invite friends, for s’mores, hot cocoa and lots more, including the gospel being presented! Check it out at www.lightthenightathens.com.

Please pray that God would draw those who don’t know Jesus yet into opportunities such as Light the Night over this Christmas season!!! And pray that God would establish His House of Prayer in Athens!