For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1 (ESV)

This may sound like The Matrix, but we are imprisoned by technology and don’t realize just how strong of a hold it has on us! Cell phone and video games have become the new shackles, but we’re lulled into a sense of false security. Just think about how much time and brain energy is absorbed, lost, surrendered to these task masters. Look at how these things have control over the masses. Just take a drive through UGA as class get out, but be careful or you might hit a student who is totally oblivious to the world as their head is cocked downward, bowed to their phone. They may walk right out in the street, without looking up. Whether it is entitlement, or the zombie mode they go into, they expect everyone else to get out of their way!

Yuval Noah Harari, the ‘false’ prophet of the WEF (World Economic Forum), was asked what he’d do with all the useless humans until the population is decreased to 500 million. He answered matter of factually, we’ll just keep them occupied with technology and drugs – cell phones, video games and substances! No kidding, this is their strategy! But you can see just how many people are addicted to their violent, even demonic video games and entertainment, not just to drugs and alcohol.

Throughout the letter to the Galatian Church Paul asks why have you gone back to enslavement. They had been set free in Christ, but they kept going back to the Law. We have been set free, please don’t allow yourself to be put under a different yoke of slavery!

Pray that the church would wake up from our slumber! We cannot fight our enemy when we are enslaved by him! Cry out for God to show His people the bondage we have brought ourselves under through our addiction to our cell phones, video games and movies. Ask God to show you any and every place where you have surrendered to this enslavement, and then ask Him for the grace to boldly step out of it! Ask Him to reveal this illusion of freedom to your pastor, and to expose every place of slavery in his life and throughout your church. Cry out for God to awaken His people throughout our city and nation, and to arouse an army of alert, focused wholehearted warriors to claim this land as ours!