“As He entered Jerusalem the whole city was thrown into an uproar, saying, ‘Who is this?’” Matthew 21:10 (NET)

When Jesus came into Jerusalem we are told that the whole city was in an uproar. Other translations say the entire city was stirred (ESV), trembling (ISV), or shaken (HCSB). When Jesus rose from the tomb there was a great earthquake, and the stone was rolled away (Matthew 28:2). As we prepare for Resurrection Sunday, join me in praying that our city would be in an uproar, stirred and shaken as Jesus walks into our churches across Athens!

Prepare your heart to welcome Jesus. Pray for your pastor to allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to shake the house! Pray for your church to be ready to receive the Risen Jesus Christ our Lord, as He comes in power and glory! Pray that Athens would not be like Jerusalem that missed their day of visitation!