“In God I trust; I will not be afraid.” Psalm 56:4b (NIV)

For years many politicians have been trying to get rid of the slogan on our money that reads, “In God We Trust!” The enemy wants to remove every trace of God in our nation. Now, one party has taken God out of their platform and wants to remove Him from this nation. And the crazy thing is, so many people don’t seem to care! We really do not want to be a godless nation. When God is not the Lord over our nation we step out of His blessing and protection (Psalm 33:12). As a godless nation we would be open for all kinds of persecution, foreign and domestic attack and God’s judgment! Just because His name is on our money, it doesn’t mean it is in our hearts. Please cry out for God to expose the agenda to remove Him from our land, and pray for this election to be a turning point for our nation to come back to God!