Listen: I am sending you out to be sheep among wolves. You must be as shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16 (The Voice)

Why this? Why now? What if the whole tragic Afghanistan affair was a distraction by the White House to take our attention off the fraud being exposed in the audits and all the proof of foreign interference that was recently revealed in last week’s cyber symposium? Was this Afghanistan crisis done on purpose? It seems that this horrible deplorable tragedy was avoidable, but could it be that the government isn’t simply incompetent, but could there be an even more evil agenda? Why was the US military departure so hasty that they literally left behind vital equipment now easily grabbed and used by the Taliban? Or what about the tens of thousands of people who may be tortured, mauled, raped and facing the end of their lives within weeks?

Please ask the Lord to reveal to us what is truly going on. This is a time when we need God’s wisdom and discernment, not mans. We need it to know how to pray effectively, not based on emotions but based on truth!!! Pray that Americans across our nation would not be distracted but awakened to our desperate need for God! Pray for the Holy Spirit to remove every veil that has kept people in the USA blinded to the proof that is being revealed through the audits. Yes, pray that truth would be made known, loud and clear across our great nation! And of course, pray fervently that the slaughter by the Taliban would stop, that God would supernaturally intervene and protect the people, especially the underground church in Afghanistan, and that He would release a powerful revival across that nation.