“If you do not stand firm in your faith, then you will not stand at all.” Isaiah 7:9b (HCSB)

Did you know that just because things are being exposed doesn’t mean they’re getting stronger? No way! They are getting weaker! Darkness does not like being brought into the spot light! Darkness, wickedness and perversion prefer to hide in the shadows. The vaccine continues to cause havoc among those who have taken it, yet the non-vaccinated are still villianized! The CDC has blatantly and loudly lied to us, but for some reason people still listen to their suggestions. Nevertheless, this fallacy will be revealed. Just because someone says something loudly repetitively, doesn’t make it true.

Interestingly, why is it that there is no known case of autism among the Amish, who did not vaccinate their children? Huh!? Not just regarding Covid, but for all vaccines! Now, there are around 50 vaccines required for kids before they reach 18. I think te first one starts at 6 months! And the incidence of autism has grown as the number of vaccines required for children has increased. This year, the CDC has reported that there are approximately 1 out of 36 children in the USA who are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. In 1981, the ratio was 1 to 10,000. There are many saying that by 2030 (some even say by 2025) the ratio will be 1 to 2. I totally believe it is because of the vaccines! Of course there are other factors like our water, food and air being poisoned, but vaccines are the most obviously factor!

Autoimmune disorders have also increased dramatically. Of course, the “experts” say it has to do with environmental issues, stress, pollutants, medications and diet. But just recently, since Covid there are new disorders thanks to the vaccine.

A doctor (Rashid A Buttar) had a child who was perfectly fine until he got his immunization under 2 years. Quickly he disappeared into an autistic realm! As I understand it, this doctor quit what he was doing and focused on getting to the bottom line with his son. This doctor got some answers. That’s is exactly what happened to our son Jasen when he was around 2. He got a shot and within a week he was gone! And yet big pharma still refuses to take any responsibility for the vaccine causing autism, let alone the people who have suffered from it from the recent plandemic.

There has been a narrative (a cover story) that hasn’t been true. And it has been supported by misinformation, that likewise has not been true. Just because “science says” is not good enough if science is behind the narrative! But truth has a way of getting out, and that is what is accelerating right now!

Pray for truth to become clear, and for the people around you to be willing to receive it. It is applied truth that set us free, so pray that those around you who still hold on to the narrative, to be willing to see the truth, accept it and make whatever changes that are necessary to come out from under its bondage! Pray for your pastor to be willing to speak the whole truth, even if it is controversial. Remember, those who teach are held to a higher standard (James 3:1), so pray that your pastor would be more gripped by the fear of God than the fear of man. Pray for those whom you know who have autistic children. Pray that God would give them grace and keys to set their children free. Pray for those you know who are autistic to be completely healed and set free into their destiny in Christ. Pray for others you know who have suffered the consequences of the vaccine! Pray that the church as a whole would rise up in faith and stop supporting the narrative that has driven so many by fear.