“Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.” 1 Corinthians 12:27 (ESV)

A few months ago we were at Oak Island staying at a nice home three houses from the Atlantic Ocean. We had never been to the Atlantic! Each of these ‘beach’ houses were very unique in colors and design. But actually, every house was more similar than different, after all they were at the beach. We didn’t see any cabins or mountain chalets, or desert looking fixtures. We saw bright multi storied houses, mostly on stilts. Yes, they were all different, sorta!

Then outside, while teaching Jasen to ride a bicycle (that’s another amazing story in itself), my attention was drawn to an older couple, that is, older than us, out working in their garden. The husband was struggling carrying something really heavy. I asked if I could help him, but he politely, yet adamantly refused, while continuing to struggle to move the object.

So many people have lost the ability to let others help them! Whether it is pride, or our need for ‘individualization’ (you know, being independent and our own person)! Like the houses, we deceive ourselves thinking we’re unique, and independent. But the truth is we are so similar to everyone else, and we truly need each other!

Consider the myriad of churches. They all are similar yet unique. And the deception is, we are better, and/or don’t need any other church to help us accomplish our special purpose. It’s a lie from hell, and yet too many churches believe it! We are created to operate as a body, each part unique, but connected to each other, in unity. Why can’t these churches see it?! They have been deceived by the message of our culture saying, they are unique, stand alone and don’t need anyone else!

Cry out for your church, for you pastor and leadership, to be gripped by the need to be a part of the body of Christ in our city. Ask God to show them any place of deception, of thinking that your church is better, and doesn’t need the other local churches in our city. Ask God to tear down every lie that is impacting your church and hindering it from working and standing with other churches. Ask God to expose pride and every form of independence operating in your pastor and church, and yourself! Ask God to tear down every wall that causes division in the church across our city! And that the Lord would show you how desperately you need other believers in your life to walk with you! Thank the Lord that we are truly better together!