Monday, June 29 at 8pm through Tuesday at noon
Virtual Zoom Prayer Room

Prayer Guide
As usual, please use this guide as a launch pad. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you are to focus your prayer on. This is a rather intense prayer guide, reflecting the rather intense day we live in! Before you launch into the prayer guide topics, please spend some time worshiping God.

Expose and reveal
God is exposing many things, but we need eyes to see what He is exposing. Something can stand right before us, but if there is a veil over our eyes, we won’t see it. Please be praying that He continues to expose these things and that not only His people would see, but that those who do not know Him yet would have eyes to see as well.

Ask for God to expose and remove…

The deception of socialism.
Everywhere that socialism has been attempted has been left in ruins. But somehow, people think it will be different here. Pray that this mask would be removed!

The orphan spirit that is operating in our nation.
So much of the younger generation is operating from broken families, many without a father, or at least a father who disciplines. Ask God to expose and replace the orphan spirit with the spirit of adoption. Pray that God would draw the fathers back to the children and the children back to their fathers (Malachi 4:6). Ask God to call the prodigal home (Luke 15:11-32)!

The witchcraft that is coming after the church, especially the pastors in our city.
Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23). Ever since the super moon on Pentecost weekend when witches and others were focusing curses upon Trump, the church and pastors, the battle has been quite intense. Please pray that it would get exposed, and that every door would be closed. Pray that pastors in our city would be strengthened, protected and refreshed by the Holy Spirit.

The heart (agenda) behind the rioting, looting and violence going on across our nation.
Right now, there is a blindness to the agenda of those using the protests in our cities. There are people who have nefarious intentions. They are able to use violence because of well-meaning but deceived individuals (more of this below). Pray that God would expose both those who are deceived and those operating under their cover. Paul said that in the last days people would be proud, boastful, lovers of self, abusive, disobedient to parents, without love, without control, ungrateful, unholy, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure instead of lovers of God (2 Timothy 3:1-5). Definitely sounds like our times! Pray that this agenda would be exposed and replaced with life giving solutions!

Fake news, fake narrative and fake history
Jesus told us that the truth sets us free (John 8:32). The problem is today truth is hard to find. Isaiah wrote that when “truth is nowhere to be found” God looks for an intercessor (Isaiah 59:15-16). Today it’s hard to know what and who you can believe. And when you stand up for truth you are attacked as if you are the enemy. Please pray that God would expose the lies of our culture, of the news, of the politicians, etc. Ask God to raise up the banner of truth, and that those who have walked under these lies would see and have the desire for the only Truth that can set them free. Pray that God would awaken our nation to the truth. Ask God to raise up an army of intercessors in Athens and across our nation. Jesus is the truth and He is our only solution!

The agenda of Black Lives Matter
The reality is, All Black Lives Matter. The phrase Black Lives Matter is very loaded. The concept is so true, but there is an organization behind the phrase that really doesn’t care about all black lives. It has a different agenda (if you doubt this please check into it). Please pray for God to expose this. Pray for the sanctity of all life, which includes the shocking violence being done to the unborn, the elderly as well as the black on black violence. Pray for God to move and bring healing from centuries of oppression, slavery and racism. Pray for true Biblical justice and racial equality and for every trace of systemic racism to be exposed and replaced with God’s means.

The corruption in law enforcement
Law enforcement needs reformation not defunding and/or replacing. There is a spirit of lawlessness operating here that desires to see our cities unprotected to attack and lawlessness. Granted, there is corruption in law enforcement, and godly police chiefs need authority to remove these corrupt cops, to reform the system and to provide proper training for our police. Please pray into this. Also, there is corruption in every level of law enforcement. Pray that God would expose it in the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc…

The spirit of antichrist (from APN Facebook post, Friday June 26)
There are many today who are following the Spirit of antichrist, even within the church, and they are not even aware of it! They are caught up in the fury of the moment, hyper sensitive, easily offended, pursuing justice from a place of compassion but not of the Spirit of truth!

On two separate occasions Jesus had to confront His disciples because they were operating in a spirit other than His. One time when Jesus was preparing His disciples for His coming death, Peter pulled Him aside and said “No way!” Jesus saw right through it and confronted the evil operating by saying, “Get behind Me, Satan” (Matthew 16:23)! Peter was well intentioned, looking out for Jesus, but through an earthly, even demonic filter. On another occasion when Jesus was traveling through Samaria, a village did not welcome Him because He was on His way to Jerusalem. Two of His disciples, James and John asked if they could call down fire upon this village to destroy it. Jesus rebuked them saying, “You do not know what kind of spirit you are of…” (Luke 9:54-56).

Please pray that God would expose every place that this deceiving rebellious spirit of antichrist is operating. Ask God to show you if you’re responding to anything other than the Holy Spirit. And quickly repent! Jesus said in the last days there would be great deception and falling away (Matthew 24). Paul talked about the man of lawlessness and the deception that will surround him (2 Thessalonians 2). The problem with deception is the one being deceived isn’t aware of it. That is happening right now. Ask God to open the eyes of His church and see what He is exposing. Cry out for mercy over the church and our nation. Ask God to fill His shepherds, leaders and intercessors with the Holy Spirit and grant them courage to lead by faith, even against the voice of our culture! We are called to be a voice for God, not an echo of the world!

Courage and faith
As God continues to expose things and opens our eyes to see them, pray that we (especially for pastors, leaders and intercessors) would have faith and courage to run toward the battle and not run away. Today is the day of battle. The giants are in the land and like David, we must run toward the skirmish and gather the spiritual weapons that God has provided us to demolish every strategy of the enemy (2 Corinthians 10:3-6). Ask God to equip His people for battle today.

Angelic Army
Just as we do not fight against flesh and blood but against a demonic reality (Ephesians 6:12), we do not fight alone! God has and even more so right now, been mobilizing an angelic army to fight alongside us. Ask God to activate His angel army in our city, in our churches and around your life!

Thank God
As you wrap up your prayer watch, please take time to praise God. Thank Him for allowing you to be alive at such a time as this, for allowing you access to His throne with your requests, for hearing your petitions and intercessions and faithfully responding with awesome answers (Psalm 65:5 NLT).