If you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9 (HCSB)

The declaration that Jesus Christ is Lord over our lives is what makes a person a Christian. But the reality is, is He really Lord over everything? To confess Jesus as Lord we are declaring that He has power and authority over us in every area of our life. Or have we dumbed down our faith to believe we can live like the world, while proclaiming we are Christian? How can we choose to die for Him, if we can’t even live for Him? Many are deceived thinking He is their Lord when He is not! Jesus warned that many will say “Lord, Lord!” But in reply He will say, “Get away from Me. I do not know you” (Matthew 25:11-12). Just because someone says Jesus is Lord, doesn’t mean He is their Lord, unless they have actually submitted themselves to Him as such!

Anxiety, fear, and depression are symptoms that something is amiss with our faith. Instead of dealing with the root cause, our nation simply takes a pill and/or sees a counselor.

Christians tend to vote based on their preferences, prejudices and desires, rather than on biblical issues. Why do Christians continue to vote for baby killing, even anti-god candidates? Recently Pelosi said “drag is what America is all about!” Really!? Why do “Christians” vote for those who clearly oppose biblical standards of marriage, gender, moral purity? Instead we vote just like the world, for those who will make us happier, or better off.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any and every place where Jesus is not Lord over your life, and when He does, surrender it to Him. Ask Him to show you how to vote for godly, biblical principles. Ask Him to show you the root of any ongoing anxiety, fear and depression that you have simply accepted as part of life today. That is a lie from hell!  Let your words of surrender bring life change! Lordship means trusting even if you don’t feel it, or like it! Pray for your pastor to surrender all to Jesus as Lord and to lead the congregation in that way. Pray that your church would be filled with people who choose to pick up their cross and follow Jesus daily, no matter what (Luke 9:23)!