For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” Romans 1:16 (ESV)

We are getting feedback from folks saying what we are experiencing is not revival because the gospel is not being preached. Well, first I think that is a misunderstanding. After all, the revival has to do with God reviving His church. To revive means to regain or to restore life. It is to give new strength and/or energy. Biblically it means for those who once were alive but have wandered away, fallen asleep, have become cold, or are dead. Revival brings new life, first love, restored passion and fire for Jesus and His calling/mission in our lives and world!

As the revived Church goes out carrying the glory of God there is an awakening among those who are not yet in the family. However, what we are experiencing is more than that. It is the beginning of the great harvest. It is starting as the Church is revived to her intended state, to be light, salt and the representatives of Jesus Christ in the world.

While I was at Asbury last week, in our very first session (Thursday pm), the gospel was clearly presented and 48 people stood up to surrender their lives to Christ, making Him their Lord and Savior, in the three venues. Understand, forty-eight people are now in the kingdom because of this “revival,” and that was just one session!

At AHOP we have been intentional to present the gospel. Just last night as a couple were leaving the AHOP gathering, so filled up that they saw a man across the street and after talking with him, invited him into the meeting. Anthony gave his life to Christ and was baptized, right then and there!!! The gospel is being preached, and people are being saved, AND the Holy Spirit is reviving the Church. If you’re nearby (that’s relative, as we had a family travel three hours to join us and they were not disappointed), please join us, bring you pre-saved friends. Bring your saved friends! God is moving among us, and this is the beginning of the 1 Billion Soul Harvest that was prophesied!