But speaking the truth in love, let us grow in every way into Him who is the head—Christ.” Ephesians 4:15 (HCSB)

I recently heard a man from South Africa speak about how the US is pushing for human rights, that is, the rights of homosexuals over heterosexuals, while China and Russia are wanting to help them train, equip and protect their people! He questioned how the voice of the minority has become more important than the mass majority. 

He continued by giving an example of taking, say 100 heterosexuals and putting them on an island, and taking 100 homosexuals and putting them on another island. Then let them be. Come back 50 years from now to the heterosexual island and you’ll find 10,000 people alive and thriving. But on the homosexual island, all you’ll find are graves!

Why is it the LGBQT movement wants to indoctrinate and turn our children? Why don’t they just do it with their own children? Oh yeah, they can’t have their own children, so they have to go after ours!

The point being, if someone wants to live in such a way, in our world it’s their right to do so! God has given us all a freewill to choose Him and His ways or reject Him! But we do not have a right to force others to choose our way, nor take our rights away from us, including parenting our children! But somehow the woke crowd think it’s ok to become a louder voice in our children’s lives than we their parents!

The nations are waking up to the fallacy of wokeness. The nations laugh at this weak, perverted government. It’s time for America to wake up! Love doesn’t remain silent in the face of danger, but why then is the Church so quiet and deceived?

Pray for the Church to wake up to wokeness in our midst. Pray for your church, and specifically your pastor, to be bold enough to speak the whole truth in love. It is not love to be silent about what the word says regarding sexuality (ie wokeness). It is not loving to not confront the sin that is holding people in bondage. Ask the Lord to release a deep love in your church for those trapped in the LGBTQ web of sin. Not a love for the sin, but the sinner caught in it! For God so loved the world that He gave His Son so that there is a way to freedom (John 3:16).