“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” Ephesians 5:11 (ESV)

Many people say it doesn’t matter who’s in office (at least they used to say that). But ask those people under the CCP, especially those believers who go “missing” or spend years in re-education camps. Or ask those who were under Hitler, especially the Jews and Muslims who were exterminated. Oh, I’m sorry you can’t because they are gone! Ask those who are in Venezuela or Cuba! Ask those who are in Iran or North Korea. In fact, ask the many people who escaped socialist, Marxist, communist nations to come to the USA for freedom! It does matter!

By why does the church so blindly move along like the church in Germany in the 1930’s that remained silent as Hitler rose to power. Come on church, wake up! Shake off the shackles. Break free from the compromising seduction and the fear of man!

Pray for a holy fear of God to rise up in the Church across our nation, starting with yours! Pray for your pastor to not be afraid to speak out against the wickedness of this current illegitimate government, about fraudulent elections, about two systems of justice and other wicked things going on in our nation. Pray that when we all look back ten years from now we won’t be guilty of the same thing the German church was in allowing the murder of millions of Jews in death camps. And ask God to show you how to speak up in this hour of darkness!