“For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way.” 2 Thessalonians 2:7 (ESV)

You can’t make this many mistakes without something actually helping America! Everything NIDEB has done since January has been a systematic plan to ruin, weaken and destroy America. That’s not conspiracy, it’s fact! And we all know he just a puppet. The Afghanistan fiasco is not incompetence. Weapons, billions of dollars, people left behind, something America doesn’t do, wasn’t accidental. There is a globalist agenda and America has been sold out. Mandates, masks, treatments, fraud and resisting (canceling, even punishing) all voices that speak the truth, are all part of the spiral downward. The open borders without restraint is an intentional act to destroy our nation. Immigration is good, but there has to be filters! There is something very sinister going on!

The Apostle Paul talks about the antichrist not being able to be revealed until the great resistor has been taken out of the way (see 2 Thessalonians 2). Satan is trying to destroy our nation, and just like all communist regimes do, for that to happen, the church needs to be castrated. There is a reason that dictators are afraid of the Church! The Spirit filled Church that is walking with Jesus sets people free from tyranny, bondage and control. The Spirit filled Church is the great resistor preventing the antichrist from arising and the global anarchy he desires!  But there is a huge problem! God is not done yet. The great darkness that is being relentlessly unleashed on our nation and world, will be overcome by the great I Am, and the greatest outpouring this world has ever seen.

Yes, Jesus is coming back for the Church! And yes, there will be a rapture that will remove the great resistor! But Jesus is not coming to rescue a weak, pathetic church! He is coming for a Bride who has prepared herself (Revelation 19). She will finish the task that He has given her to take the Gospel to every nation (Matthew 24). She will be taken to the great wedding fest of the Lamb!!!

Please don’t lose heart with all the darkness and gloom you are seeing and hearing about. Trust the Lord, and don’t lean on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). Pray that God would awaken this nation to the truth of what’s going on and that it will cause people to rise up to resist tyranny. Pray for the remnant to be strengthen as the enemy is fiercely attempting to wear out the saints (Daniel 7:25), especially pastors. Pray for your pastor to get a second wind, to be refined instead of thinking of quitting! Refiring instead of retiring! Thank the Lord to have intentionally placed you here for such a time as this! Ask Him for the grace to complete your assignment, purpose and destiny for being here! Ask Him for that refreshing wind over your life and a grace to take your place in the greatest revival ever!!!