“‘The time promised by God has come at last!’ he announced. ‘The Kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News!’” Mark 1:15 (NLT)

The Kingdom of God is here but is not yet! John the Baptizer, as well as Jesus and His disciples preached that the Kingdom was here, near and is coming. Sound confusing? We are sensing revival, but not like anything we’ve ever experienced before. It’s here, but not yet! God is definitely moving, stirring, awakening and preparing. As we pray this month, please press in with great intensity. This is like the travailing before birth. The baby is coming, and what currently is, won’t be for much longer. The birth process is simply a transition from one phase to another. From the hidden place to the visible world! We will soon see, touch and experience the Kingdom of God like never before! This requires persevering believing prayer, because it is not necessarily what our eyes are seeing right now. Please keep pressing in and don’t give up!