“Won’t the Judge of all the earth do what is just?” Genesis 18:25b (HCSB)

I still have a hard time believing that there are actually people who want to hurt and kill us. And not only that, but have been intentionally poisoning us one way or another for decades! What’s been exposed these past few years is simply mind blowing.  There are actually people, partnering with the devil, whether they realize it or not, working their plan to depopulate the planet. This is not a conspiracy theory. Just check into it. 

And to make matters worse, there are evil people who are forbidding treatments that would make many healthy who now struggle with things like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, hormonal issues, etc… Yes, there are wicked people who are withholding breakthrough innovations that will lengthen and improve our lives! 

But here’s the thing, though they may think they have gotten away with it, God has seen them. God knows and He will allow them to experience His justice. He is inviting us to agree with Him and declare His will in this hour!

For a while I have been praying quietly for these wicked ones to be exposed and to experience God’s hand of justice. God’s mercy requires His justice! And I believe it is coming, in fact, it’s here. I just heard a nationally affirmed prophetic intercessor (Andrew Whalen) share that he heard the Lord urge him to call the intercessors to cry out for justice upon those who have been poisoning His children!

Justice is coming, yes, it’s here! I believe that many who have been demonically protected, sheltered and empowered will find themselves losing their covering. Exposure and justice are coming to big pharmaceutical companies who have been poisoning us to keep us sick, to food production companies who have been adding nefarious ingredients to their products under the noses of their unsuspecting and trusting customers, to government legislators making laws to help hide these murderers, to most media outlets censoring, deflecting and lying to hide all this. And others!

God’s gavel is coming down. And we’ll be surprised by the folks who are exposed. Though many CEO’s and well-known figures will be included, it’s the everyday looking people who will shock us the most. But they are not simply zombies compliantly following along. They too have sold their soul and literally hate that which is good.

Here is where God is inviting us to agree with His will in prayer. He is using prayer in this hour to train us to rule and reign with Him as His bride. The most merciful thing to do right now is to agree with Him about what He intends to do to those who have killed and/impacted millions upon millions. Your prayer of agreement matters!

Please join me and many others who are intentionally crying out for God’s exposure and justice upon His enemies. Cry out for mercy for those who are suffering from these murderers, liars and deceivers. Cry out for God to nullify the poison that has been fed to us. Plead the blood of Jesus over your family, over yourself. Plead the blood of Jesus over His Church. Thank Him for expressing His mercy through exercising His justice!

Feel free to pray something like this… “Father, as Your child, seated with Christ in the heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6) I ask for Your name to be exalted, for the knowledge of Your glory to cover the earth (Habakkuk 2:14)! I ask for everyone who has intentionally poisoned Your children on this planet to be exposed and to experience Your justice. By Your mercy grant them one more opportunity to repent and turn to Jesus before their breath is taken from them. I ask that the world would see Your hand moving with justice and that the fear of God would result across the nations. Father, I acknowledge that apart from Jesus Christ I likewise would be a recipient of Your justice. But because of Jesus Christ shed blood and atoning death for me, I am hidden in Him and no longer covered by my sin. But as a blood bought child of God, I stand in my authority to agree with You, and declare Your will and purposes in this hour. And I declare the justice of God is coming and it is here, now! Thank You Father, for what You are doing and about to do in this world. I pray, and declare this in Jesus’ name! Amen!!!”