“I was iIMG_4273ntroduced to Steve, last year during the National Day of Prayer at Cornerstone Church. Since then we have met on several occasions at the UGA campus for prayer walks, other local churches, also at the Sparrow’s Nest to pray with board members, other pastors, as well as someone just passing by. Steve, has stepped over the traditional ways of gathering the body of Christ with just the norm of one set of denomination. He is truly walking in the Father’s desire I believe to bring the church of not only Athens, Ga. but nations to pray in harmony/unity as Psalm 133:1 tells us, which is pleasing to God. This movement under Steve’s leadership is shaping our City for God to do what ‘He’ wants to do. I thank Steve for his zeal of wanting to see a healthy and alive church.” Pastor/Director – Sparrow’s Nest, Athens GA sparrowsnestmission.org