Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?” Psalm 2:1 (NIV)

Have you ever wondered why the capital of our nation is in a place called the District of Columbia, that isn’t even a part of the USA? Come on, if you doubt this just check it out. And there is much prophetic chatter that Philadelphia is going to be the new capital. What’s going to happen to DC is quite a mystery.

Did you know that the USA was sold by President Ulysses Grant in 1871? Coming out of the Civil War, the USA was broke and was sold to the world bank. In other words, we ceased to be a republic and became a corporation under the control of wealthy elites. Call it all conspiracy if you must, but just watch what is about to happen! There has been much prophetic chatter that our nation is about to be reset as a republic and maybe it already has been!

Then on November 15, a certain man made an announcement that he is running for Presidency. There were 19 flags set up behind him on stage. The actual declaration that he filed listed him as the President of the USA. So, many are saying that this historic announcement was about him running to be the 19th president of the Republic of the USA! Btw, Ulysses Grant was the 18th president of the republic.

Washington DC totally stands for the globalist agenda, which includes abortion, depopulating the planet, and removing God from it. DC fights to weaken us in every way possible, from the fiasco and smokescreen in Ukraine, and the disastrous departure from Afghanistan, to our economy and fuel, to the absolute evil behind the death shot. These wicked globalists fight for us being borderless while nearly every other nation has borders. In our borderlessness, untold gangs, terrorist, and drugs flood into our cities! Now, followers of Jesus are considered enemies and potential domestic terrorists if they love their nation and desire it to be great.

Pray for God to accomplish His purpose in our nation! Pray that every piece and every plan that is of Him and for Him will prosper, and every wicked scheme against us and Him will fail, completely! Pray for protection of all those who are fighting for our King in this hour. Pray that whatever is below the surface would come up to the top and be visible. Pray for confusion over the enemy, confusion between themselves, confusion in their communications with the public and even confusion in their planning. Pray that the globalists plans would become known and rejected across the globe. Pray that our nation would be made great, and take its place to impact the globe for God’s purposes.