“The Lord executes acts of righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.” Psalms 103:6 (HCSB)

It is time we cry out for the LORD’s justice to be released over nation and across the world! Sex trafficking, satanic rituals and slavery must stop! We must cry out for mercy upon the victims and their families. It’s time to stop ignoring the two-tier system of justice in our nation. I just read that this illegitimate government has outright rejected a request from Kennedy, who is a Democrat presidential candidate, for protection. Btw, all presidential candidates have been provided security since the late 1960’s following JFK’s assassination. Nevertheless, Hunter, a criminal, is given a presidential security detail, at tax payers expense! Likewise, this wicked illegal government has just written a huge check to the corrupt president of Ukraine (apparently it is the 43rd of such), yet audaciously made a soldier’s family fork out $60,000 to move his remains to his final burial place. To make matters worse, his death was completely preventable had the intel provided been heeded by this administration! Outrageous! It’s time we stop praying kitten prayers, and start decreeing and agreeing on God’s justice!!! The LORD says that He loves justice, but He hates robbery and injustice (Isaiah 61:8 – HCSB). Do you get that? God HATES injustice and robbery… and who/what does that describe in this day?!

We are told that those who dwell in the shelter of the Most High will see the punishment of the wicked (Psalm 91:8). This is not talking about in eternity, as the verses prior to that indicate thousands falling at our right hand, but we’ll only observe with our eyes. This psalm is not about heaven, but about now, the reality here on earth!

Cry out for the wicked to fall at your right hand, that there would be very public removals! Declare that child slavery, and all sex trafficking will end! Decree that ALL those who have harmed God’s little ones would be cast into the sea (Matthew 18:6-7)! Declare that eyes across our nation, even the world would see the truth and join in the cry for justice! Cry out that every organization who is propping up this wickedness, whether governments, media, big businesses, Hollywood or even churches, would be removed. Cry out for the Holy Spirit to blow across the globe, assisted by the heavenly host, destroying every structure, network, platform and/or tunnel where these hideous crimes against children, and families have been committed! Ask the LORD to replace these vacated positions with His chosen ones. Declare that in this day of exposed gross darkness, the glory of the LORD is rising upon us (Isaiah 60:2). Thank the LORD for the 3rd great awakening that is happening right before our eyes!!!