For her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes.” Revelation 18:5 (HCSB)

The cup of iniquity is filled (Genesis 15:16, Revelation 18:4-8)! The perverse wickedness across the globe has not gone unseen, though it happens in a hidden place. God has seen and is now responding. Light is coming into the gross darkness (Isaiah 60:2).

Research has shown that 95-97% of the children who speak up about abuse are telling the truth! And more are speaking up. There are 40 million sex slaves being trafficked across the world. Most of these are children! God’s precious ones. But terrible things have been happening to our children, right under our eyes!

Pedophiles are great actors! In fact, many have lived this life of deception with great expertise. And actually, many in Hollywood are being exposed as pedophiles!! Pedophiles are wolves, even if they are cloaked in a sheep skin! 

Pedophiles, these wolves look for safe environments for their hunting. Churches, youth centers, foster homes, day care centers are all meant to be safe places for children. But sadly, pastors are being exposed as such wolves! Do pastors fall into pedophilia or do pedophiles become pastors, day care workers, children volunteers because of it being a ‘safe place?’ Either way, they are going to be exposed! Children should be safe in these ‘safe environments!’

We need zero tolerance for pedophilia in the church, your church! Your pastors are not anointed beyond their responsibilities to protect the most innocent and vulnerable. If anyone has touched children, they are guilty. Even if what is exposed will ‘blow up’ your church! A tearful repentance is not enough. This is a sickness, with a wicked spiritual root. 

Yes, it is in the church and it’s going to be exposed! It has already begun! This is the season God is saying ENOUGH! And pastors and others can be the perpetrators. Nevertheless, instead of being suspicious and fearful of our pastors, we need an eye of discernment and to be asking God to expose what is there! But we can no longer pretend churches are safe places, while ignoring all the signs.

Baal worship has been going on since nearly the beginning of time. Child sacrifice, homosexuality, pedophilia, and all kinds of immorality were what characterized Baal worship! It still goes on today. And it is appalling to God! 

Judgment is deserved until the perpetrators take responsibility for what they have done to the children! Saying I’m sorry does not cut it. The damage done to the children (and their families) is more than a few crocodile tears coverup.

Nevertheless, the blood of Jesus covers all sin, yet there is still a consequence in this world. Repentance will allow you in heaven, but pedophilia is a violation of the most innocent and vulnerable in the world. There is a cost for this sin, even if there is repentance. He is looking for hearts that see the depth of what they have done to the least of these. God’s kids are no longer free game! 

It is estimated that 90% of those who are coming against Trump are entangled in pedophilia! In fact, many believe this is why they are so against him! Please don’t react to that statement. Take some time to pray about and consider it.

I also just wonder, if this is why the prophet, let alone the Holy Spirit is so forbidden in the church. After all, they will expose this dark sinister work from the pit of hell that’s dressed in sheep skin!!! Prophets and the Holy Spirit are desperately needed in this hour!!!

Please cry out for God to expose everything that is hidden in the Church, starting with your church. Don’t assume it is not there because you don’t see it. Ask God to reveal it all, and remove it so that our churches can be safe places for our children. Pray for pastors (again starting with yours) to be given a new level of discernment, after all, pedophiles are great actors. Ask God to expose everyone, from top to bottom. And ask God to increase Holy Spirit activities at your church and even for the ministry of prophecy to grow and have a greater impact.