“And His disciples remembered that it is written: Zeal for Your house will consume Me.” John 2:17 (HCSB)

There are so many in the church who have lost the fire to fight for revival. They have not given up their faith just their fire! They were on fire for revival 20 years ago, but because of God’s delay they have grown tired. They have grown weary by all the baggage that the enemy has given them to carry. They know the enemy is ruining our nation. They are looking for Christ’s return to rescue the church from this dark hour with the rapture! But a remnant has held on, though weary, they are not giving up.

There is a group who continues to stand saying we will not accept this intimidation anymore. We will not compromise truth. We will not give up this nation to wicked ones. There is war going on for the soul of our nation and the remnant is rising up to fight it!

Ask God to ignite your fire for Him and for revival in our city and nation! Repent if you have allowed your heart to become lukewarm. Ask Him for the grace to fight the good fight, even if you are tired and weary from the apparent delay. Ask Him to ignite your pastor’s faith and heart once again. May it be said of your pastor, “Zeal for the Father’s house has consumed him.” Ask God for our city to be lit ablaze with His holy fire through His people getting reignited once again!