“Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.” Isaiah 55:1 (ESV)

The Asbury outpouring may have wavered, but it’s not over. The 10 days and nights of outpouring at AHOP were a wonderful taste of what’s coming. God took us out of our norm and gave us a taste of what it WILL be like to live in revival. Though it is absolutely amazing in an outpouring/revival, life still goes on. You still have to sleep, go to work, go to class, care for your children, all the while drinking up as much of God as you can, and letting Him shine on those around you! God gave us a sample, an appetizer, a taste of more to come, for us to keep pressing into Him. What we experienced was a amazing and needs to cause us to press even deeper into Him, to make us more hungry, more desperate for more of Him! It is also a glance on some things we may want to tweak in preparation for the next wave.

One thing we experienced was how easy it would be to burn out, or get sick and be taken out. We all need to figure out how to personally (as well as corporately) steward a move of God, in a sense to ride the wave, without being consumed by it. We need the spiritual hunger, but unless God supernaturally overrides our bodies, we also need rest and food.

Please be praying that God would increase your appetite, your hunger, your desire for more of Him. Ask Him to show you how and where to carve out more time to be with Him. Ask Him to prepare you for a second wave of outpouring. Likewise, pray for your pastor and church to get ready. The Holy Spirit comes to where He is wanted, welcomed and where space has been prepared. Pray that your pastor would grow hungrier for more of God, which would impact our how he preaches and even how the services are structured. And pray for the leadership at AHOP, as we consider what we need to do to prepare for another wave. And definitely cry out for God to do it again, in even greater measure!