“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NLT)

Throughout this season it seems the Lord is saying “get ready for the suddenly!” I have been lingering in the Word over just about every passage that depicts a suddenly. It has been very deep and insightful. Recently my sister had a suddenly when she fell down and hit her head. She started having headaches, and then a seizure threw her out of bed, leaving her unconscious for nearly two days. While in ICU at the hospital, they discovered she had a tumor on or near her pituitary gland and a cyst somewhere else. By the end of the week she had had brain surgery, with an eight-inch scar now marking this occasion! And all this happened inside of one week. In these moments we are reminded of the fragility of this life. My sister’s husband literally thought he had lost her when she was unconscious on the side of their bed, barely breathing, with blood oozing from her mouth (she had bit her tongue). God desires us to live our lives intentionally, passionately, with no regrets! Embracing every moment that has been ordained for us to live on this planet (Psalm 139:16). We have one life to live, then what we have done on earth will be accounted for. What we do now, really does matter for eternity!

Are you living life intentionally with no regrets? Ask God for more passion, more fire, more awareness of the shortness of this life. Ask Him for grace to invest in things that matter for eternity. Ask Him to show you where you are to give up lesser things, things that waste time, things that rob moments from loving on Him and serving others. According to Rick Joyner, the word “entertainment” came from the words “to detain from entering.” In other words, entertainment is literally detaining you from spending more time with God, of doing the things He has called you to and thus ultimately, missing out on the rewards that should be building up in heaven and the fruit here on earth. Whether that is watching TV or Netflix, or even following your favorite sports team, please ask Him if He wants you to give up these lessor things!

Ask God to place a sense of eternal urgency in your church. Pray for your pastor to be revived in the urgency of his calling, of preaching the full gospel, of shepherding his flock with integrity and skill (Psalm 78:72)! Ask God to awaken your church with a sense of eternity, and to be ready for the suddenly that is about to happen.

Btw, my sister is at home recovering, and praising God!