For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14 (ESV)

I realize that just including this title will probably put some people off, maybe even unfollow us, perhaps some will be angry. It might even get blocked, censored and kicked off of the Facebook platform. But I really want to Make Athens Great Again! By ‘again’ I mean to fulfill what was on the Father’s heart when he founded our city. Basically, Athens is here because of UGA. It was the first public university in our nation, dating back to 1785. The first president was a pastor named Abraham Baldwin, and he held that position from 1786 to 1801. As I have heard, the steps at the chapel on north campus was once the very center, epicenter, of the first map of Athens! Athens itself was officially incorporated in December 1806. Undoubtedly, it is God’s desire to once again have His church the very epicenter of our city, and to see His purposes become reality!

I truly believe we are on the verge of revival, but if we only experience a short visitation, our city will not step into her destiny. Our prayer for Athens is not just revival, but for reformation and the very atmosphere of our city to change. That 20 years from now, Athens would be known as a city of light upon the hill, a place of reformation, of transformation, where Kingdom righteousness has penetrated every fiber of our society, from the schools and universities, to the businesses and law offices, to our courts, mayor, city commissioners and board of education. Where neither the color of skin, nor a person’s gender hinders them from becoming all that God intended for them. Please join me crying out to God to Make Athens Great Again!

Pray that the Holy Spirit would move powerfully on the UGA campus, exposing everything that is not meant to be there. Ask God to stir the Board of Regents to make God pleasing decisions, and wherever necessary, that God would replace any member who refuses to do the godly thing. Pray that these gatekeepers of the university would have heavenly encounters, dreams and visions that would turn their hearts to Jesus and the university back to its founding purpose. Pray for students, professors, faculty and administration to surrender their lives to Jesus as Lord and Savior. Pray that once again, the center of our city would be the Church, the Gospel and the Kingdom of God! Pray that the knowledge of the glory of God would cover UGA, Athens and the surrounding area. Cry out with me for God to Make Athens Great Again!!!